What is Elo Boosting?

People usually define EloBoosting as hiring a service in which one people wins games on your account.

As a company we provide multiple kinds of services:

  • Solo Boosting- The booster will play on your account, winning you games in which we guarantee a 70% winrate minimum or one extra division boosted for free.
  • Duo Boosting- The booster will play with you on an account with similar MMR to yours, in which he will try to win most of your duo games.
  • Win Boosting- if it is the first time you are ordering from us, we give you an opportunity of trying our services by spending less money and seeing our boosters have the best quality out there.
  • Placement Games- If your account ended diamond or above in the past season we can offer you a maximum of 60% winrate guaranteed. If that does not happen we can assure you 3 wins on top of the won games. In case it is 5 out of 10 wins, we will offer you one full free division.
  • Champion mastery boosting- Do you want to get your mastery 7 on Riven or Irelia to brag to your friends you can play them really well? Order from Voldo Boosting and we’ll do it for you. For a really cheap price, we can get you the 1 or 2 tokens that you’re missing to get your champ to the desired level.
  • Normal games- If you are looking to increase your normal games mmr or just get some really good player to impress you and your friends with his skill while you’re having fun playing some games, VoldoBoosting is the right place to come. We can get you a really good player hard carrying your normal games for some really cheap prices.

Apply as Booster

If you by any chance are interested to join our team, we are accepting right now some new boosters. We just need:

  • The booster to have Master 200LP+ account on his/her main server so that we keep working with the best of the best;
  • Being a dedicated person;
  • Stable internet connection, so that we don’t have problems of the booster disconnecting mid game and the service isn’t done with enough quality;
  • Fluent in English, to provide great talks with the client during our duo boosts and even to provide him information about the progress of every order;
  • Have some experience doing boosting in the past, uploading records with proofs;
  • And as last, we won’t be accepting people that are looking just to get a bit of money during their vacations because we need people only that can commit themselves to us as a company;

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