Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions.
If you cannot find your question on our FAQ, feel free to shoot us a message over here.

1) General Informations

We are an official company based on Germany. With 6 years and counting, we are the biggest Elo Boosting Service in Germany.

Aside from the ones on “here” we also have on our Homepage, at our eBay, ElitePVPers Forum, Discord Server as well you can check our official TrustPilot profile as well, for more feedback.

We are proud to announce that we can boost on all servers and regions of the game.

So, Brazil, Europe Nordic & East, Europe West, Latin America North, Latin America South, North America, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Japan, and South East Asia, and if by any chance they create a new region or server we will have it covered as well.

You can and we would like to have you join us on our private Discord Server.

Do so by clicking HERE!


We know some users want the extra privacy for their purchases, so this is something we considered, and you can do at our service.

Just click on the guest option, however, do not forget to enter an E-Mail, that you have access too.

2) Payment Optins

We have several payment options, Bank Transfer is our main payment method, however we also offer the following:

  • Skrill Payment

  • Paysafecard

  • Bitcoin

  • Payoneer

Contact us via our Live-Chat our use the “Contact Us” and fill out the form and we will do our best to find a solution to assist you.

3) Elo Boosting

One of our boosters, will log in into your account after you provide us with your Login details such as Username and Password, and then we will play ranked games until we reach your desired rank/division.

You will play on your own account, and one of our boosters will join you on your games until you reach your desired rank/division.

With our Netwin-Boosting service, we will perform an Elo Boost on your account to raise your MMR and/or champion win rate.

We will play your placement matches (10 games from unranked, and we guarantee a 70%-win rate!), you can also choose how many placement games you want done and our booster will do his best to guarantee 70% or higher win rate taken into consideration the number of games you requested.

Either one of our boosters plays solo on your account or he plays alongside you, for the amount of wins you purchased overall.

We will go on your account in order to upgrade your Champion Mastery to your desired level (Maximum level: 7).

4) Specific Questions

During the process of customization of your Elo Boost order, you can specify certain aspects of your boost such as:

  • Choose your Summoner Spells location (D: Flash and F: Ignite or F: Flash and D: Ignite)

  • Choose the role/lane(s) you want the booster to play

  • Choose the champion(s) you want the booster to play with

  • Streaming the games on your account

You can pause the Elo Boost order at any time, we do however require you to contact us via our Live-Chat or through our Contact Us and fill out the form, and we will pause your boost.

Yes, in matter of fact we advise you to do so, you might learn new tricks or tactics you never considered before with your champion or any other. To do so, choose online mode and spectate our booster, you are also able to spectate our booster on his games through your profile.

Of course, just message us via Live-Chat or fill the Contact Us form in order to contact us and we will set it up for you so you can tip your booster.

You can, however you are not allowed to Ranked Solo/Duo/Flex Queue.

For example, you purchased a Solo Boost, therefore you are not allowed to play Solo/Duo Queue while the boost is in progress.

You have the right to ask a refund, however, make sure to check our “Terms of Service”. If in doubt make sure to ask us via our Live-Chat or fill the form on the Contact Us tab, in order to further assist you with your query.

You can change the booster allocated to your order, whenever you want, just make sure to contact us via our Live-Chat or fill out the form on the Contact Us tab and we will assist you as soon as possible with your query.