Famous Boosters

The players we are going to talk about are the most famous Elo boosters in the history of League of Legends, although most of them have stopped boosting by now and are either playing competitively or streaming.


RATIRL is an EUW Challenger player and as his name suggests he is currently the world’s #1 Twitch player.

Before being known as a famous streamer thanks not only to his incredible mechanics, RATIRL was known for being one of the best Elo boosters in the region but was also accused of scripting. He was known also as one of the most toxic players in the whole server.

What made RatIRL the known player he is nowadays was his way of playing the game and his skill to perform consistently at such a high level. Some people would say that RatIRL has mastered the perfect champion to adjust to his playstyle.

His favorite way of boosting was the Lulu + Twitch funnel that consists of putting an Ardent Lulu mid or support and follow Twitch 24/7 as he ganks and farms the enemy jungle. I think it should be said that before Rat, this strategy wasn’t really being played.

He is known as probably the best booster in Europe West since he has climbed with multiple accounts to Master/Challenger ranks with extremely high winrates, them being at least 85%. Right now, as common knowledge, he has stopped working as an elobooster and is dedicating his full time at streaming his climbs.


DOPA, also known as Apdo, is probably the best Soloq player to have ever played the game. He got rank #1 several times on both the Korean and the Chinese ranked ladders. He mains mid and has been the only player able to match Faker on mid for a few seasons.

The things that make DOPA shine greater than anybody else is the fact that he isn’t just a mechanical monster, but he’s even better at macro and wave management. He is always at the right place at the right time and his wave manipulation is always perfect and puts the enemy into very uncomfortable lose-lose situations.

DOPA has also gotten popular by boosting from the lowest division at the time, Bronze 5, to rank #1 Challenger in Korea on stream and that cost him an indefinite ban from competitive gaming by Riot Games and KESPA, but he stated that he didn’t care since he had no plans to play professionally, and that boosting made him more money anyway.

He is very special because he keeps his #1 position even despite never changing his champion pool and adapting to the meta.

He mostly plays three champions, those being Twisted Fate, Kassadin and Orianna.

Even when these 3 champions are not in the meta, DOPA keeps playing them at the top level and it is insane because most of the pro players or challenger players change their picks and playstyle every other patch.


Tarzaned is an NA jungler who claimed rank #1 NA multiple times in multiple seasons. He also has had the challenger LP count world record.

Before becoming a fulltime streamer, he was known as one of the best EloBoosters in North America. Similar to DOPA, he was boosting from Bronze 5 to Rank #1 and costing him, too, a competitive ban from Riot Games.

Despite his toxicity and wintrading, Tarzaned is an incredible jungler with a big and versatile champion pool that is able to adapt to any meta.

His signature pick is Graves. He likes to make up that he is the best Graves player in the world.

He is a very arrogant player, claiming that he can beat even legends like Faker and DOPA in the jungle, but whenever he tried climbing in any other server than NA, he got stuck at Diamond 1 or Master, resulting in the majority of the pro players to underestimate him.

Nowadays he has a fulltime streaming career and also works as a Coach. It seems like he has completely stopped boosting.

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