About us

About us

VB24 has been operating since five years in the League of Legends eloboost market.
Through this time VB24 gained an exceptional amount of experience in eloboosting and coaching.
We still continue to gather more experience so we can improve our League of Legends services to stay always an edge above the competition with our quality and standards.
Each and every new buyer and order gives us more experience and helps our company to grow and make the services even better in the future.
Our success is based on staying customers and beeing adaptable to the different changes in the League of Legends eloboosting environment.

Advantages of our Service


We use a VPN on all orders to protect the customer’s account.
The VPN hides the IP of the booster, while mimicking yours making the boosting service undetectable.


VB24 offers a private order tracking system, available after logging in.
Also, other features included such as spectating, chatting with the booster and live match history.


All boosters use an offline mode, which makes you invisible to your friends, to respect your privacy and appear as incognito.


VB24 guarantees that all Elo Boost orders will be finished on time.


Since season 5, we offer the best Elo Boosting Services on the market, doing so in a professional manner.


Our boosting team is composed by several Top Challenger players.
We hand-select and test our booster employees, who provide only boosting experience, doing so while keeping a professional and friendly attitude.


VB24 support staff is online 24/7 everyday and available via Live Chat/Discord as well on WhatsApp to better assist you on any question you might have related to your Elo Boost.


Our refund policy gives our clients more possibilities in general compared to other boosting services.
Buyers are eligible to receive a full or partial refund, depending on the progress of the Elo Boost ordered.

Our Top Booster



VIP Booster
Hey, I'm Maki, I peaked 70wr 400lp GM S10. Im boosting for several years already and completed hundreds of order up to Grandmaster. Im mainly playing Nidalee and Cassio, but a bit of botlane aswell.


VIP Booster
Yo, I am G0D. First I peaked master EUW was on S8. I have been boosting since then. My S10 peak is Grandmaster. I'm Top Lane main I mostly play Fiora-Camille on top lane but I can play most of the top champs. I also can play mid and jungle it depends on the order. Let me know if you need help to boost up your division or some tips !


VIP Booster
Hello my name is Vladi , my peak is S9 400 LP on EUW - Master S10. I am active boosting since 3 years on many companys and completed around 300+ orders. Hit me up if you are need a fast and good performance boost. Thx you. Bye!


Loyalty Booster
Hey, my name is Skillshot and I work multiple years for VB24. To pay for my study I also boost from time to time with over 200 completed orders and 100% succes rate! If you want to order a professional coach/lp gain. Feel free to hit me up!


Loyalty Booster
Hello my name is .Ston3d, my peak is Master - Since 2 years im active boosting for Voldoboosting24 - Im an Midlane Main and my Favourite Champs are Sylas, Yone, Zed, Malzahar, Cassio & Kayn.

Customer Testimonials

Check out what our customer say about us. 

  • friendly, professional, very good player and a very cool guy. Every one who gets him is lucky ! hope to play with u again !


  • schneller und freundlicher Support. Kann ich nur sehr gut weiterempfehlen

    Chris / Spyrit

  • best and friendly dude :slight_smile: good teamworking all time :slight_smile:


  • Huge Vouch for this guy , tilted proof and skilled as hell

    Im Rome

  • sehr freundlicher buddy :slight_smile: super angenehm die duo q :slight_smile: jederzeit gerne wieder und ist auch so zu empfehlen :slight_smile: man lernt alleine durchs mitspielen schon was dazu :slight_smile: großes lob und danke :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Lieferung von Accounts sehr schnell und bis jetzt keine Probleme gehabt

    Nr1 | kalal

  • Schneller und freundlicher Support, Booster war flexibel mit der Zeitfindung. Clean und sehr gut gespielt, kann mich nicht beklagen. Klare weiter Empfehlung.

    Purple Rain

  • Wie schon einmal bewiesen, hammer support, gute und schnelle booster. Zusammenarbeit immer wieder gerne! :slight_smile: @VB24 | pörsin schnell und clean gespielt, nicht getilted schöne winratio :slight_smile: kann ich nur empfehlen gj!


  • @VB24 | Ye Xiu great coaching taught me a lot, I will definitely book it again thank you

    Momo / Ahn

  • @VB24 | Forsaken Very good and friendly player. It was a pleasure to play with him. Thanks!

    Clit Eastwood

  • @VB24 | Exi Bester Booster den man sich vorstellen kann. Hat mega viel Spaß gemacht. Ging sehr schnell. Gerne wieder :slight_smile: +++


  • Ver yvery friendly and good coach i will do it again 100 % i can really recommend it to you guys


  • @VB24 | Forsaken > Was my Booster, did some nice flexes at the end of the game with a penta. recommend him and the whole team for a nice and patient attitude. much love, xoxo :heart:

    Shiro Yukihime